Round table on „(musical) improvisation and ethics“, 27.8.2022, Akademie der Künste Berlin

I was honoured to be part of the discussion on improvisation and ethics – as a part of the artistic research project by Christopher A. Williams, Caroline Gatt and Joshua Bergamin. Together with anthropoligist Jonas Tinius and members of the Splitter orchestra, Magda Mayas, Sabine Vogel and Steve Heather, we discussed on different layers, where improvisation encounters ethics – on the relational plane (between single musicians or between musicians and audience members) as well as on the aesthetic plane.

During the concert by Splitter Orchester, 26.8.2022, Akademie der Künste Berlin

New book out! Sounding Fragilities.

Sounding Fragilities. An Anthology brings together essays, discussions and interventions on contemporary music, dance and music theatre to offer a polyphony of new approaches to listening, watching, composing and performing.

Sounding out the relationality, brittleness, fragility, transitoriness, and beauty of live performance, this anthology stresses the urgency of coming together and interacting as a foundation for human and political relations; an urgency intensified by the current overlapping crises in politics, health and ecology.

Talking about Luigi Nono’s music theatre at Radio Corax, and in Weimar and Leipzig

Als Gast und in Zusammenarbeit mit der Veranstaltungs- und Radioserie Wutpilger Streifzüge, der ACC Galerie Weimar und der Gruppe Minus Leipzig war ich eingeladen zu Vorträgen über Luigi Nonos Musiktheater im Mai 2021.

Zum Nachhören: ein Gespräch über Nonos Stück Al gran sole carico d’amore (1975).

talk at IFTR conference 2021

At the upcoming conference of the International Federation of Theatre Research I will present a talk on LIGNA’s performance 2,3, viele Gänge (Hamburg 2018). The title of the talk is LIGNA: on how not to forget, and I will investigate how local knowledges of a nearly vanished city quarter can be approached with the means of an audiowalk / performance. The Hamburg Gängeviertel (a quater with small alleyways) was a quarter where a mixed bunch of people lived: from small merchands to day laborers, from sex-workers to the Swing Youth, and where the first Jewish reformist temple was built. Most of this quarter has been destroyed throughout the last 100 years, so how can this barely visible traces and hidden stories be remembered and connected to the lives of today’s audiences?

The talk is presented at General Panel 5, on June 15th, 22.15-23.30 pm (CEST).

Regarding Listening. On the theatricality of experimental listening situations

Talk on February 11th as part of the lecture series „fragility of sounds“.

In this talk, I will explore the theatrical dimension of experimental listening situations, including reflections on the impact of anti-pandemic-constraints on live performances from the experimental scene. Among others, I will talk about Berlin-based experimental Splitter orchestra‘s project Code of silence (2020/21).