Artistic Projects

Resonating Knowledges. (Research Residency)

Residency at Radical House, Brussels, 1–10 October, 2021.
The aim of the residency is to explore questions that came up in different interdisciplinary research context I was involved with as well as resonances between different research practices through a series of performative writing experiments.

Wechselwirkung (Music theatre production)

Music theatre production as a part of an artistic research cooperation with Pia Palme, Paola Bianchi, Juliet Fraser, Christina Lessiak and Ensemble PHACE.
Transition of performances to film 13 – 15 November 2020 at WUK, Vienna. Part of Wien Modern Festival. Dramaturgy, Production and Program book editor: Irene Lehmann.


Room of Constellations (Installation)

Artistic practice reflecting academic research practices as part of the symposium _through Practices created by Heike Langsdorf. 28 – 30 October 2019 KASK school of arts HOGENT.

Publication out now (October 2021):, with my contribution: „Space between actions. Reflexions on Room of Constellations, a Research Environment“.

We have no choice. (Performance)

C&H (Brüssel) und Lou Grevenstorff (Hamburg), Aufführungen im Mai 2011, Vooruit, Gent, Belgien. Dramaturgische Beratung: Irene Lehmann.

Faux Frais. (Film)

(D, 2003), Filmgruppe Slatan Dudow, Berlin. Regie: Bernd Reinink, Kamera: Irene Lehmann.

Endspiel. (Theatre Production)

von Samuel Beckett im Off-Theater Theaterdock, Berlin 2002, Regie: Sascha Sadahisa, Co-Regie und Regieassistenz: Irene Lehmann.