Resonating knowledges in processes of composing performing

Resonating knowledges is research project that has developed from my research On processes of composing-performing, which investigates non-linear temporalities in the interweaving of the performative arts. In this context I’m interested in how these processes are interconnected with queer, feminist and gender-non-conforming aesthetic designs.

Resonating knowledges takes the project to another plane by shedding light on the researcher’s position and practices. Projects with innovative realizations of the composing-performing relation are often connected to forms of artistic research (whether labelled as such or not). This challenges the usual relation between researcher and artist(s), which is why new relational models need to be designed.

This research was funded by the Bavarian State Program for the Promotion of Women in Academic Research and Teaching at Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany, and was continued within the framework of Pia Palme’s On the fragility of sounds-Project at the University of Music and Performing Arts (KUG), Graz, Austria. Questions on practices of writing as research were investigated during several residencies at Radical House, Brussels, Belgium.

A first milestone was the workshop / symposium Gender on Stage in 2018, organized and curated together with Dr. Katharina Rost and Dr. Rainer Simon. Academic researchers and artists discussed gender relations on and beyond the stages of German theatres, opera houses and concert halls. The workshop and the related publication Staging Gender (transcript 2019) was funded by the Programme for Gender and Diversity at FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg.